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Days 264 to 274 Full On Gorillas and Rebels

“Excuse me, could you please ask him not to point the gun at my husband while we’re driving?” I asked, thinking of the numerous – and massive – potholes we were about to hit. I was referring to the Congolese rebel in the back of our truck. Our friend translated. “No problem!” replied the rebel […]

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The lake at the base of Tustumena glacier

Days 200 to 213 Loving Getting Older

This has been my birthday month, and I have just turned 39 awesome years old! For the 5 weeks after my birthday and before my boyfriend’s, it appears I am robbing the cradle – or maybe just borrowing from the cradle – when he says he is 37, which sounds like 2 years younger, hee […]

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Her homemade ravioli

Days 183 to 189 Full On Family – An Ode to Nana Verzone

I thought I could dance. At least freestyle. But then I met my boyfriend’s almost 90-year-old grandma (aka Nana). We went to a wedding in Vermont, and it was also a good reason for me to meet Nana since she wanted to suss me out after learning that Thai and I were “serious.” She was […]

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Days 101 to 105 The Good Fear – FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Well dog my cats! I went pack rafting today and didn’t shit my pants! I have this thing with drowning…and the way I tend to address my fears is dive straight into them. Inevitably they seem far less freaky than what my mind was making up. Buuuuut with whitewater kayaking or pack rafting, it feels […]

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Days 50 to 53 – Loving and Receiving Fully Kicks Ass

Wow…so sometimes when you live full on, the Universe reminds you of exactly how happy this makes her, and how much more beautiful the world is because of it. When I was facing a serious cancer and going through my inventory of possible regrets, I had but one major one. I was pretty happy about […]

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Full On at Arches National Park

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Funny Faces – Ghana

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