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Days 236 to 241 Slowing Down And Reconnecting With My Dad’s Spirit

I like my hands now. I didn’t always used to. They were never long and dainty like the models’ hands that I saw in dishsoap ads growing up. They weren’t sinewy and powerful like the climber chicks’ I spent years hanging out with, either. They were…hands.  Didn’t hide ‘em. Didn’t flash ‘em. Didn’t think they […]

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Days 78 to 82 – Confessions of a Perfectionist

I know you all have seen photos that I’ve posted about backcountry skiing trips in Alaska and Colorado etc. What you may not know is that I’m relatively new to skiing. I’ve owned skis for a long time…but actually using them on a regular basis has somehow eluded me. I think it is that “fear […]

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way – Choice, Not Chance

“The first act of freedom is to choose it.” ~ William James Life is about making choices. Imagine bellying up to the counter at your local Ben and Jerry’s and asking the server for “whatever you think I’d like.” Of course you wouldn’t do that. Well, maybe you would if you were feeling spunky. But […]

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Days 70 to 73 – Fall in Love With Yourself

I was beating myself up for multi-tasking today. Yesterday, I was in the middle of doing something with a dear friend when she told me her husband was just diagnosed with cancer. Now, I’ve had cancer twice, and I know how that affected my loved ones when they found out. And I was flat-out PISSED […]

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Days 50 to 53 – Loving and Receiving Fully Kicks Ass

Wow…so sometimes when you live full on, the Universe reminds you of exactly how happy this makes her, and how much more beautiful the world is because of it. When I was facing a serious cancer and going through my inventory of possible regrets, I had but one major one. I was pretty happy about […]

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Days 48 and 49 – Being Oversensitive Sucks

Yesterday was a mellow day of sleeping, fixing up the yurt, then eating pizza with friends as we watched footage from our epic weekend (see below). There was such an awesome sense of community all weekend, and it was nice to fade into the rest of the week with a nice eve with amigos. It […]

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Days 29, 30 and 31 – Checking In About Balance and Living Full On Every Day

Living Full On EVERY DAY often seems daunting, especially when I am tired. Sometimes I sit back, sigh dramatically, and think, “I am too pooped to live Full On today.” Then my Outward Bound days and the saying “Sleep When You Die” pops up. Then I tell it to, “Shut Up!”cuz maybe I got cancer […]

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Archival image of my megamyd on a sea kayaking trip in Baja (during 911 BTW. Didn't know it happened for 3 days!)

Days 19, 20 and 21 – Freedom or Security? Duh.

I had a great past three days which were also crazy busy, so thanks for your patience as I catch up here! Lots of things went on…from skiing to gathering with friends to contemplating a Full On Change: selling my house in Ashland. A re-cap: Day 19: skied at local mountain (aptly named Mt. Ashland)! […]

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Day 10 – Full On at Arches National Park

It had been a long drive so far heading from Salt Lake City to Telluride, so we stopped at Arches National Park for a hike through the Devil’s Garden and managed to scramble on some gorgeous spires. Airy!  

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Day 5 – Downloading

Today I hiked up Table Rock and checked out some vernal pools as we watched the sunset. I made dinner for my best friend and her partner, and had a few evening hours with my man to talk about some deep stuff. I have found that a good way to describe living full-on is a […]

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