Ziji Up Mastery Program

6_Ziji_Up_jpgYou’re About to Discover The Ultimate Confidence Course!

A 5- Step System for Overcoming Obstacles and Negative Mindsets so You Can FINALLY Have True Inner Confidence and Create Your Perfect Life Based in Clarity, Intention, and Meaning… (and Become Truly Free!)

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Try this on:
“…Imagine what it’s like to wake up each morning and feel “on purpose.”

Imagine getting out of bed and knowing exactly what you want to do as you create another fabulous and productive day. Imagine living a life where you trust your own power SO deeply that you no longer waste time worrying, or struggling, or feeling stuck.

If you’re like I used to be – the whole idea might just make you roll your eyes… Or worse! Maybe you’re thinking: On purpose? Fabulous and productive? Who has the time?
Or maybe you remember a time when you “tried that” and it didn’t work for you.
Or the worst thing of all – you just shrug and think: “Whatever.”

If this sounds like you, then can I just sit with you for a second and coach you on something?

For one thing, it’s really hard to even consider the possibility that things can be different when you’re mentally burnt out, when you’re tired, or if you’ve never had even the slightest experience of your own personal power.

That’s probably because it feels like just one more freakin’ thing to figure out.

So rather than let yourself even consider the possibility of transforming your life, you do what you’ve always done: You listen to the voice of self-doubt.

I hear you. And I get it.

But I also want you to give yourself a little space to consider this:
Let’s say you had a “practical” magic wand, and you could wave it and make just ONE thing in your life different. What would that be?

Or what would your life look like if you could wave your practical magic wand and be living each day in a FULLY authentic way?

Where would you live? What would you be doing? Would you have your own business? Would your current business be different? How would you spend your free time?
And what about your wealth? How much money would you be making? What about your health? How would you feel in your body?

How would your day be different?

Now, if you answered, “I’d sit around on my butt all day and drink umbrella drinks and I’d have a million bucks,” then I’d ask you to take a step back and give this some more time.

Know why?

Cuz I don’t think that’s what you really, truly, deeply want. That’s your tired, burnt-out- self talking. It’s the part of you that believes you are powerless.

See, whenever we resort to the idea of just sitting around doing nothing, it often means we don’t have any true experience of our own power. We’ve given up on ourselves. (It also means that we’re tired and probably need a lot more sleep! But we’ll get to that part in a second!)

The deal is – your life and your energy are worth so much MORE than the typical “million bucks and sitting beside the pool forever and ever drinking froo-froo drinks” dream.

So let me ask you this again. How would your life be different if you had no fear, and lived each day in an authentic and empowered way?

Maybe you would live in a different area of the world, experiencing a new culture or more beautiful surroundings that are in alignment with what you value.

Maybe you would start your own business and get a sense of your own power to generate regular streams of income from your products or services!

Maybe you’d be in a different line of work - feeling truly CREATIVE once again, like you did when you were younger.

Maybe you’d travel more, or start that garden, or write that book – all of those dreams you keep telling yourself every year that you’ll get to “some day.”

Or maybe you would have the courage to LEAVE. Leave the negative nay-sayer friends behind, walk away from the job, say no to all of the things you tolerate in your life – and begin filling your life with things that feel like true YESSES.

Maybe you would actually give yourself a chance to be… YOU. And experience the things you know you were put here on this earth to experience – instead of settling for so much of what you don’t really want.

Hey, give yourself time to dream about it because what you’ll begin to experience as you feel the possibility is the start of what has created massive changes for me – and also for my students and clients. It’s called Intention. And it’s the seed of something big. Intention is the beginning point of creating transformations in your life.

If you still feel a little “blocked,” that’s okay. Really, it’s not your fault. It’s just that you haven’t had someone support you and show you EXACTLY WHAT STEPS TO TAKE to begin creating big changes in your life. You’ve heard all the concepts and ideas and all that talk of Law of Attraction. But no one has taken you by the hand and walked you into your own experience of true personal power.

How do I know this for sure? Well, I’ve been there. I understand your situation well! And I’m so passionate about this stuff because I turned it all around BIG TIME…

See, there was a time in my life where trying to imagine a bigger vision would’ve made me sad. Or even angry. It’s not that I didn’t believe these things were possible.

I just didn’t believe they were possible for ME!

That’s because I got cancer. Twice, actually. But this shift for me happened after the first time. And I thought I was going to die – WAY before I had planned (as if we can plan that;)

Who had the time to create bigger visions? I was just trying to survive, trying to make it all happen, trying to do the right things.

Prior to my first cancer diagnosis, I was living what seemed to be an amazing life: I worked as an international climbing guide in the Himalaya, Alaska, South America, and across the United States. I also did massage therapy at fancy spas and travelled the world to remote and exciting places. I had hot climber boyfriends who treated me well and was healing my relationship with my parents, and I showed up fully as a friend and colleague.

Let me tell you: people loved hearing my stories. I felt excited and excit-ing, and life was very Full-On. But it was cheating. Like adding butter to everything. Of course it tastes better with butter! That’s why I LOVE it! Of course people loved my adventurous life, and so did I!

Who doesn’t love it when everything is working out just right? So what if I didn’t make any money (I was making less than $14,000 a year during all this and living out of my car – intentionally). It’s easy to love it when it involves great sex, love, status, dramatically remote and beautiful places and near-death experiences (oh, the irony)…

Until you realize you are going to possibly die – way too soon.

Prior to facing cancer at the age of 30, I had felt worthy and alive only when doing really epic things; only with the right boyfriend; the right passport stamps.; the right “No shit, there I was…” stories. Most of the things that made me feel good were at least mildly dangerous in very real ways, and often were moreso. My identity and self-worth was completely caught up in my career and my stories. And here I was, at 30 years old, on the precipice of losing it all. For realz.

Fuck. Now what?!

What was underneath my exciting “stories” that was of substance? What…endured?

Being diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma was the first experience I’d had where I was scared and couldn’t simply rely on being able to “power through” it. This type of cancer had a five percent 5-yer survival rate (which in the glass-half-empty mindset means 95% don’t make it 5 years).

It was the first time I had to admit that I may not succeed, and the consequences of this were overwhelming. Like, dying.

“What if I didn’t get better?” “Who the hell am I without the boyfriends? Without the exotic trips? Without having to do these epic and dangerous adventures? Without all this…stuff that shaped my identity?”

I thought, “I am facing death here, people!!! Someone help me figure this out!”

But most people didn’t like to talk about death. Or regrets. Or what-ifs. But here I was, with cancer, wanting the answers, because if I kept getting sick, all the crap I identified with wouldn’t mean shit. It didn’t mean shit anymore (especially after the SECOND cancer…but that’s another story…).

So I had to come up with a new definition of what it meant for me to live a truly free, adventurous, and authentic life. I realized it meant taking more INNER risks, to live my purpose and connect authentically with those in my life, to be willing to disappoint others to be true to my self. To allow myself to experience my version of true success not just with adventure, but spiritually, in relationships, and many other things (yes, even financially).

Was it hard?

I won’t lie. Sometimes it was.

I often wanted to give up and just go back to my old way of living, basing all of my worth on what I did for a living and the external factors in my life. After all, it was easier to strive for the “things” and adventurous experiences than it was to take responsibility for my inner life! I even started guiding again 3 months after my renal auto-transplant. That’s how much my identity was caught up in that. I couldn’t even allow myself to rest. I didn’t know who I was outside of that identity.

Sometimes I faced so much of my own negative thinking, I thought I was just destined to lose.

But with the encouragement of my coach(es), and by attending workshops all over the country, and by creating daily success habits and momentum, I changed everything. I truly took my life to the next level – over and over again.

Well, guess what? People started noticing all the huge changes…

That’s because when you make big changes on the inside, success and happiness can’t help but find you on the outside. And when that happens, people start noticing. So, before I could even say “Ziji Up!” people began asking me to help them Ziji Up their lives, too.

And I did. But I wanted to make it easier on them than it was on me! (After all, I had spent years and years sputtering my way through all of this stuff!)

6_Ziji_Up_jpgMy life coaching business, Freedom Junkie® was born, and I developed the Ziji Up! Mastery Program™ to take people there faster, because I had a very real understanding that life was too short, no matter how long.

ziji (n): radiant inner confidence

It became my personal mission to spread the joy that comes from knowing confidently, radiantly, who you are and how you want to be in the world, and the peace that comes from living a Full-On, truly free life – inside and out.

So, I took all the bits, all the pieces, the many concepts, ideas and rituals. I scoured my journals for what exercises propelled me forward the fastest. I asked the women who had gotten huge results from my women’s retreats which techniques had worked the best for them.

It took me more than a year, but I created a system. I designed a step-by-step system that is the path of effortlessness, self-awareness, and transformation – and it works deeply from the inside out.

It is high time to Wake Up! In fact, Wake the F#*k Up! Not tomorrow, not when you retire…but NOW.

I want more than anything for you to feel the radiant inner confidence of Ziji and have no regrets. I absolutely believe this is possible – YES, for YOU.

I want to help you manifest your dreams without having to first face something like “The Big C” before you do. Allow me to have done that for you.

So now it’s your turn. Here’s your chance to stop settling for what you don’t really want and begin creating your authentic life from a place of
purpose, focus, and abundance!

What past participants say:

“I didn’t feel like I was living up to my potential. I needed a boost and ongoing encouragement to make positive changes in my life. Ana has accomplished so many things in her life, she is so pragmatic, logical, AND likes to have fun. I didn’t seek out this class, but when I saw the link, I thought it would be a good thing for me. I hadn’t considered any life coaching before this.

The most powerful lesson that I received from the program were learning about
my negative self talk, and how to manage it, as well as how my fear of success
was holding me back. I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and I know
that this is my new baseline. You got me back on track Ana! You are really good at what you do. THANK YOU!” ~ Kara Farmer, Idaho

Before I worked with Ana I was feeling frustrated as to why I was not meeting some of my goals and really wondering why I felt like so much was out of my reach. I realized through the workshop that the reason I had so much doubt was because I had not gotten laser clear about what I wanted.

Sounds easy, it is and it isn’t.

Also I was not honoring my values. Probably because I had not taken the time to figure out what they were! Again, sounds easy right? Well let me tell you – if it was, then I would have done it already!

The recipe for turning this around was provided to me and the result was pretty much an instant turnaround. The tools that you acquire by going through this process will be with you always and more than likely change the way you look at things forever. Ana is an amazing coach and I feel so fortunate to get to work with her. Thanks, Ana, for helping me realize that I already am the badass I want to be. :) See y’all at the top! ~ Jen Field, Oregon

These peeps probably felt a lot like you do right now, wondering if it would really be possible to make such cool changes in their lives. But they stopped waiting for another year to fly by — and just look at the changes they’ve made! Not only in their lives – but in HOW THEY FEEL about themselves. You can do this too!

What kind of results can you expect when you begin to apply the tools and practices you get in the Ziji Up! Mastery Program?

  • You’ll get clear about your priorities, dreams, and purpose.
  • You will unflinchingly make choices FROM your priorities, dreams, and purpose.
  • You will get “unstuck” and let go of the things that drain you, overwhelm you, and steal your essential vitality.
  • You will learn practical do-able daily ways to ATTRACT results to you – authentically and without mystery.
  • You will build a sense of control so that you no longer live your life in victim mode or martyr mode.
  • You’ll discover a whole new way to approach your daily life.
  • You’ll genuinely and clearly set boundaries and say no when you want to say no.
  • You will finally experience a daily sense of purposefulness, direction and courage.
  • You will stop surviving and start thriving.
  • You will put an end – once and for all – to the unconscious thoughts of fear and negativity.
  • Best of all – you get a PROCESS – a step-by-step guide that starts you on your way and builds momentum – making you virtually unstoppable.

“Yeah, Ana, that all sounds great. But you don’t understand. I’m busy. I’ve got lots going on! In order to do all of this great Freedom Junkie stuff, I figure I’d have to take a lot of time off from my life!”

Not even!

One of the biggest (and saddest) myths about transformation is that in order to make big life changes we have to leave our lives behind. Like we should fly to India and meditate for a year. Or we should walk away from everyone and everything and start all over again.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I always share this one secret with people that liberates them from all of the rules they’ve set for themselves:

“Change the HOW, not the WHAT.” You know what that means?

It means you can start exactly where you are. Yes, right where you are – exactly how your life is NOW. You will begin looking at HOW you live your life and experiencing so many big shifts by working on YOU first, not on all the outer circumstances.

When we only try to change the outer circumstances (the WHAT) any shifts we experience will be short-lived. When you change the HOW (which is the source of many of the problems!), you experience lasting change.

But of course, I know what you’re asking. You’re wondering if this is going to be too hard for you… In fact, you’re probably thinking, “Is this gonna be a whole lotta work?”
You know what? It’s not “a whole lotta work.” It’s a whole lotta AWARENESS. And when you’ve lived on auto-pilot for a long time, then awareness only SOUNDS like a lot of work.

With that said, I’ll be honest with you. You DO have to want your life to change. You have to MAKE A DECISION. And once you do this one simple thing, you’ll get to experience unbelievable changes in your life. Changes like those I have now experienced:

  • I took all my experience from amazing (but draining) careers and turned them into a steady six-figure business that allows me to pick and choose exactly where I want to work, and with whom I want to work – and say NO to anything not in alignment with my deepest dreams.
  • I am regularly invited to speak at high-level conferences and events about topics I am totally passionate about. (And I connect with so many cool people at these events who are so in alignment with this work in their lives.)
  • I live with my soul mate in three different states (one soulmate, three different states;) to be near the mountains I love so much. I have a condo in a fabulous ski town, a rustic yurt in Alaska, and a hilltop cottage in Oregon.
  • I have a full coaching and mentoring practice, and I work only with a select group of creative badass clients who are fully committed to freeing their minds and freeing their lives to achieve their own personal success.
  • I regularly lead events and retreats for amazing people who travel from all over the WORLD to learn from me. I have time and space to dream and create all I want. So you can see, this isn’t just another program invented by some life-coach who hopped on the “Law of Attraction” bandwagon just because it’s a best-selling idea! I’ve really lived this stuff! I walk the talk. Ask anyone who knows me. That’s why so many people have wanted to work with me!

They always say that “those who can’t do, teach.” But in this case, I’ve done, I’m doing, AND I’m teaching! That’s why I know the common pitfalls, the challenges, and all the temptations to quit. And, like so many other personal-development programs, I’m not afraid to address them and to face them with you! After all, these are the things that keep us from succeeding.

And my vision for you is total success!

Already getting psyched?

Get in on the Early Registration offer – amazing value and EPIC bonuses (ends tonight!):

  • Half off(save $247!)
  • Sorry, the other bonuses expired July 23rd, but keep an eye out for awesome bonuses in my next program!, but this is still an amazing deal!

Value of the whole program: over $2500

Your investment: only $497 Inner Circle Special only $247

Grab Your Spot Now

Still doubtful? Well, please read a sampling from the many notes I’ve received over the years from the people (just like you) who completely transformed their lives…

Before I did Ana’s program I was in a funk, not that life was bad, I just felt personally stuck and needed some more skills, specifically her “Jedi Mind” skills. Not only did I get out of my funk, I lost weight, improved my co- parenting relationship and my business income increased (no joke abundance affirmation works!) all within 7 weeks…coincidence? Not really, just a great coach and program that helped create momentum for change and a willingness to take on living my BEST LIFE, out of the box. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” ~ Love, Melissa Cooley, Visionary artist, Yogini, mother of twins, business owner! www. YogaOmSweetOm. com

“I feel more centered, grounded, and empowered than I ever have in my life.” ~ Brenda Amherst, Washington

This program is awesome!!! You are so clear and fun and insightful in your presentation, and its really well organized, accessible and put together – not to mention inspiring!” ~ Kelly T., Artist, California

These results are just a few of the many, many success stories I receive
every single week throughout the year. Yes, I want you to be inspired, but most importantly, I want these to motivate you to do things differently in your life. It’s time for you to stop settling for less than what you KNOW IN YOUR HEART is possible for you.

What the Ziji Up! Mastery Program is NOT:

The Ziji Up! Mastery Program is NOT a magic pill. There IS no such thing. (Have you noticed?) So, I’m not going to promise you a million bucks in 7 weeks or less. And I’m not about to tell you that you’ll find the love of your life in 30 days. You know why?

Because ALL of that stuff (including the magic pill itself!) comes from OUTSIDE OF YOU. It makes you believe that you can’t create that level of success from within. The entire idea of magic pills disempowers YOU. I want you to understand what your life will be like when you tap into your own power.

The Ziji Up! Mastery Program is NOT a quick fix. All those “Quick Fix’ programs out there seem to promise you results – and all you have to do is sit back and wait, right?

Yea, not so much here. This is all about a DEEP FIX. In fact, when you create effortlessness in your life, you still take an active role in it. Great results don’t come from disengaging from your life and hoping for the best.

In fact, “hoping for the best” is what makes most people give up on themselves. Because they’ve forgotten how to take conscious action. So they hope for a quick fix.

In the Ziji Up! Mastery Program you will WANT to engage more deeply in your life because many of your previous obstacles will finally make sense to you – and you’ll be excited because you’ll finally understand how to release them!

This program is NOT a bunch of platitudes and concepts that are “nice to hear” but not applicable to your life. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a brief jolt of inspiration and then getting totally confused as to how you can use it in YOUR life situation.

Yes, you WILL be gaining a deep understanding of some of the most evolved healing and success principles you can find. But you’ll be ABSORBING it deeply because I will show you how to apply these ideas to your life in do-able step-by-step ways. Experience will be your teacher!

Here’s what I promise you it IS:

The Ziji Up! Mastery Program is a proven field-tested system that has now changed the lives of so many people. You will learn how to think differently about your life, how to dream big, how to make your dreams come true, and how to build the momentum you need to truly create huge results and new outcomes in your life.

Here’s what you get with the Ziji Up! Mastery Program:

This program represents 18+ years worth of life-transforming experience meticulously formed into an easy-to-follow high-content, high-power step-by-step system. Let’s see what’s inside, okay?

:: EVERY SINGLE DAY for 6 weeks – you get daily support with a high-power, high-authenticity Coaching Lesson in your inbox.

The foundation of the Ziji Up! Mastery Program is that you’re supported DAILY for the full five weeks of the program as I walk with you through the teachings and show you how to apply them – practically and authentically – to your life.

Everything is easily digitally accessible. Your daily emails range from quick inspiring quotes, prompts for reflection/meditation, whacky activites, journaling topics, and more.

And the coolest thing is that I deliver these hands-on lessons to you in a simple step-by- step way so that you can learn deeply – and really feel the energy of the progress you make!

:: EVERY WEEK for the entire program – you get a video training walking you through the steps of the Ziji Up! System. You can access these videos anytime after they are released so you can watch them as often as you like!

People learn in many different ways. Some like to read, some like to listen, some need to DO and others need to do it all! I took ALL the information from previous Ziji Up Mastery Program sessions, added more bells and whistles, and complied 7 value-packed video trainings that you will receive access to during the program.

The videos may have assignments or journaling activities and other surprises to keep you engaged. This work takes focus! You WILL veer on the path, and the Ziji Up Mastery Program is structured to help you get back on track in each of its elements.

You can watch the videos at your convenience (yay!) and even stream them on your iPhone for easier access. Then, you can take any questions you have and bring them to our coaching calls or forums for a full-on community of support.

You’ll get absolutely CLEAR as you apply everything you learn to YOUR OWN LIFE with the Ziji Up! Mastery Program.

The Ziji Up! Mastery Program is a hands-on experience! It’s not for people who want to sit back and hope for change in their lives. I want you to feel the excitement as you watch your own energy and power keep getting to higher and higher levels.

So, as you and I move through the Ziji Up System steps together, you’ll gain clarity and get total velocity using the tools I give you, like Values Clarification, Toleration Elimination, Creating Your Perfect Day, and many many more!

In a do-able, step-by-step, easy-to-follow process, you’ll be able to take these tools and gain confidence, awareness, clarity, and action-steps for how to Ziji Up! ALL areas of your life.

:: Full Access to FOUR Closed-Door Group Q&A Laser Coaching Calls during the program.

Preview Call Recording

You’ll get extra structure, encouragement, bonus coaching support, and deep answers to any question you could possibly have – by talking with me on our live group laser coaching calls.

This is where so many of the bonus insights and A-HA’s get awakened. This is where you get to give me your biggest questions and challenges (or just listen in!) – and let me coach you through it. Any extra question you could possibly have will be covered in these calls. This is the added momentum you’ve been looking for. (Recordings of these calls will be made available if you can’t make it so don’t worry – you won’t miss out! If you can’t be on the call, you may also email me your questions ahead of time.)

5 Laser Coaching sessions with me would be over $1000, so these calls alone – with the chance to ask your questions directly to me 1:1 – is worth the cost of the program alone.

:: You’ll get full support from – and access to – other like-minded Ziji Peeps who are committed to living clear, congruent, purposeful lives and making positive changes – in our exclusive closed-door Ziji Up Mastery Program group forum.

ziji up women logoYou’ve heard of the power of the mastermind, right? Well, I wanted each person in this group to have access to the full community so that you could “feel the energy” and get those “woohoo’s!” you need when you have a victory.

Plus you’ll have someone holding your back when you’re facing a challenge. (Many of us don’t have friends who understand this work, so it can feel sort of lonely when we start to Ziji Up!) This group energy will fire up your results in a big way!

We’ll have a private discussion forum where you can ask questions, receive support, support others (!) and be a part of like-minded peeps who are walking the same path you are.

Wow! This is more support, hands-on experience, encouragement, and Ziji Up-ing than pretty much any confidence program (or even private coaching!) that’s out there today.

In fact, I KNOW without a doubt that the Ziji Up Mastery Program will do more for you than anything you’ve ever tried up to this point in your life.

You can do this. I know that. The question is . . . do YOU?

Do you believe that you CAN live with purpose and Uplevel your Life? Then grab this special offer NOW! Once we close the doors, that’s it!

Here’s the deal.

It’s all about results, isn’t it?

With everything I’ve put into this program, I know that you’ll experience huge changes and results in your life and your energy levels in a matter of weeks, if not months – but I also know that it will give you multiple returns (in clarity, productivity and creating your dreams) for years and years to come. (That’s called true empowerment!)

I don’t think I even have to tell you that. You just know it.

Still, I can hear you talking back at me right now…

“Sure, all this talk of clarity, intention and success sounds great. But clarity doesn’t pay the bills, Ana.”

Okay, fine. I hear you. But think about this:

Clarity DOES lead you to make better choices so you stop losing money and emotional energy on all the draining things you keep settling for in your life.

Clarity DOES help you map out the perfect steps for turning an idea into a money- maker.

Clarity DOES help you recognize when the perfect opportunity shows up - and doesn’t let you sabotage it like you’ve done in the past.

Clarity DOES help you focus so that your time becomes more valuable – and so does your life.

Guess what follows from all of the above…RADIANT INNER CONFIDENCE! ZIJI!

So, girlfriend, I believe that clarity and confidence DO, in fact, pay the bills.

But hey, I understand. When I was just getting started, I didn’t have this belief. And you might not either. (Especially if you’ve never taken a chance on yourself before.)
That’s exactly why I created my Leap-and-the-Net-Will-Appear Money Back Guarantee…

(Read every word below. And tell the committee in your head to shut up because there’s no more excuses!)

My Own Personal “Leap-And-The-Net-Will- Appear” Guarantee

Here’s how I do this:

I live what I teach. And this program simply MUST be life-changing for you. You must see results.

Otherwise, we’re not serving each other and changing the world, are we?

So, register. Join the program when it starts.

Do you remember that scene from “Indiana Jones” where Indiana is standing in front of a huge precipice and he can’t get across? He must step out in faith. And ONLY when he puts his foot out does the bridge appear and light up?

Well, that’s what faith looks like. Maybe you can’t yet see the exciting steps all laid out in front of you. But this one step could be the first one that lights the way for your path.

(I happen to think it is! Take the step now!)

Then, go through the program with me and the group. Show up at the Q&A’s. Get everything you can.

And if after 14-days (yes, you get to do the program and still have time to ponder this) you show up on the calls and do the work and you don’t think I’m delivering massive value, high-level, authentic, life-changing information – or if your life isn’t Ziji-ing Up – then send me an email and the assignments you completed so far (this is because I KNOW that if you do the work, you will see changes), and I’ll give you a full refund and still love you anyway. :)

That’s how it works. It’s the way we do things in an abundant world.

So, dude, you’ve got NOTHING to lose. (Well, except for your fear, your anxiety, staying stuck, and a whole bunch of negative thoughts. But hey, maybe you enjoy that!)

Hook Me Up!

P.S. Take a minute and do one thing. Imagine yourself six months from now. Are you still exactly where you are now? Or are you thriving and living a purposeful creative existence? The choice is yours. Six months from now, you’ll wish you’d started this today. This offer is only guaranteed for a limited time, so be sure to lock in your special pricing today.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my team at info@FreedomJunkie.com . We’ll do our best to answer you within 24-48 hours!

Take advantage of the early bird special while it lasts – it expires August tonight!

To Your {Creative} Freedom and Success,


Your Ziji Up! Freedom Mentor

Ana Neff, MS, C-PCC