Transformational Coaching Programs

I really want to get my message out to you and help you live the life of your dreams – which is why I’ve created so many {fantabulous} ways to work with me. Join our tribe through:

  • workshops
  • retreats
  • group programs
  • online programs
  • the über-popular Freedom Sessions™ Mastermind
  • and 1:1 private Freedom Sessions and Intensives.


ziji up women logoZiji Up! Mastery Program

Start living Creative, Courageous, Wild and Free EVERY DAY.

ziji (n): radiant inner confidence

This content-rich program is a great place to start, and is my most popular program. It allows you to be a part of a community of awesome like-minded Freedom Junkies, as well as have access to me during our live group coaching calls and online Question and Answer forums.

Together, over a period of 4 weeks, you and I will be covering the five steps (plus a few bonus steps!) of the Ziji Up!™ System to create transformational results in your life. You will get more clarity, less struggle, an effortless approach to manifesting your goals and dreams, clearing away the obstacles, and higher levels of energy – and living a kick-ass life, aligned with your purpose and goals!

The Ziji Up™ Mastery Program is unique in that it addresses your whole life at the mind, body, and spirit levels: career, money, significant other/romance, friends and family, health, your physical environment, fun (and wildness!), and personal growth/spirituality. The whole shebang. I’ve found that people feel disconnected and unfulfilled when the various aspects of their life are not in alignment with one another. When life change is approached in a holistic way – taking into account your whole life and not just one aspect of it (such as career or relationship) – the results are lasting and you feel more whole and fulfilled as well. Your results grow as you save yourself years of coaching, reading and workshops by participating in this program with me teaching you throughout.

I don’t hold back with my coaching, and you’ll get a great experience of that in this program. We at Ziji like to say: “You Kick Ass – it’s time to start living like it!”

You are getting all the essentials of the many years I spent studying, learning and teaching others how to create and live a wildly fulfilling life, paying MANY of my coaches over the years who were with me as I was doing this intense work myself, and personally discovering which methods are truly effective and which methods haven’t been so helpful. I should mention: it is also a great value! Click here to learn more about this badass program. If you’d like to be notified when the next round starts up, click here and let me know!


Fotolia_12331389_Subscription_LLaser Coaching Freedom Sessions

These are offered for previous or current clients, as well as occasionally for new clients when no longer-term Freedom Sessions are being offered (usually due to my travel schedule).

In these powerful sessions, we will hone in on a specific goal or issue of yours and coach you in a very precise, intentional, and targeted manner. This is for people who want to cut to the chase, focus on a specific problem or process, and won’t hold back when it comes to opening up and implementing the plan of action we come up with. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish in even ONE session when we both have laser focus. Clients have walked away after only one Freedom Session with huge breakthroughs and a new plan for their life.  Contact me to see if laser coaching is right for you.

Value: $300/hour, $1300 for a package of 5 and $2500 for a package of 10


Private Freedom Sessions™

Private sessions provide the most direct access to me and my coaching services. Each program is tailor-made for every individual client. In these sessions, you and I work together, completely committed to you getting clear about who you are and what you want your life to be like, creating and following through with action plans to move your forward and towards a wildly fulfilling life of purpose and passion, and holding you accountable for your goals.

To put it bluntly, The Freedom Sessions will change how you see the world, and how you see yourself. This is truly transformative coaching.

We commit to you living Full-On every day in your life. I also commit to holding a space of compassionate support as well as powerfully calling you forth to be who you need to be in order to manifest your dreams. It is a courageous path, and you will be amazed at how much can shift in each session.

All levels of Freedom Sessions™ coaching packages include:

  • An Initial Discovery Session: 1 hour
  • Self-paced activities between sessions to enrich the coaching
  • 2 hours of coaching per month (3 40-minute sessions or 2 1-hr sessions)

Depending on which level you choose, the higher level programs may also include live sessions, additional phone/skype coaching, email coaching between sessions, recordings of all sessions, personal cell phone access to me, a free Full-On™ 365 course, complimentary ticket to a Full On Workshop/Retreat, and other value-added bonuses. Contact me for a free Strategy Session to discover which program would be best for you.

Value: Ranging from $575/month to $12,000/year


FSnewWhat is 2013 going to be about for you? If it’s about doing what it takes to stop making excuses and start creating your dreams, then welcome to the Tribe.


  • freedom
  • adventure
  • and purpose


FREEDOM SESSIONS MASTERMIND is a 6-month journey for 10 badass wild women who will make 2013 their most epic year yet!

The February 2013 group has SOLD OUT, so please contact me to be put on the early notification for the next group – there’s a reason we’ve found one another!



girlsinjeepFreedom Sessions™ 1-2 Day Intensive With Ana

For those desiring to take their growth to a game-changing level and who prefer in-person coaching, choose my 1 or 2-day Freedom Session™ Intensive, which offers immersion into private coaching with me, expanding your comfort zone. You and I will engage in coaching and either urban or outdoor activity/activities for the day (your choice!), and take your coaching experiences into real life, truly transforming you.

As you can read about in my Bio, I believe that any experience that pushes one outside of their comfort zone allows a precious opportunity for exponential growth and insight. I have decades of experience in the outdoors, both in personal adventures and working professionally as a guide. As for the urban world, I have had many adventures in major metropolitan cities throughout the world, as well as more off-the-beaten-path urban playgrounds.

No matter what you choose, we will co-create an adventure that challenges you, wherever you may be at in your path to freedom and your desire for stretching your comfort zone in life. The purpose is to push you to the edge of your comfort zone, and not that of anyone else, so there is no need to fear being asked to do something you aren’t a part of creating! Longer, multi-day adventures with me are available.

You, too, can live a life of Freedom, Adventure, and Purpose. Now. Oh, and guaranteed: you’ll return home with some great cocktail party stories;)

Value: $1200/day

I understand that choosing a coach is an important investment. Because of this, I talk with all prospective clients before scheduling any sessions to see if we have good chemistry;) I want to make sure your coaching experience is the most powerful it can be! I strongly believe in what I teach and how I coach, so please schedule a strategy session with me, and we can find out if we’re a good match.