The Chick Shack – How To Maintain Your Moxie With A Man


OK…first thing’s first! I know some of you are wondering, “What the hell is MOXIE?”

Moxie is the most awesome ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage, yo! You have moxie when deep down, you KNOW you can handle anything. Are we born with moxie? Some! But the rest, we cultivate and learn.

We can ALL use more moxie, which is why I am teaching it during this exciting, value-packed two-day teleseminar. This training will be focused on moxie in relationships, as well as how to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable when in a relationship…yummmmmmmy!

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You will learn:

  • They key points to know about how the male brain works – SO much of what messes us up is because we don’t understand them! They are really quite simple and elegantly designed;)
  • The two most important things a man wants to do for you in a relationship and how you can support him in feeling fulfilled
  • The most common mistakes women make in a relationship – AND when dating
  • How to avoid those common mistakes!
  • How to keep a man’s interest – *hint* it’s not because of the size of your boobs or how many inches your waist is
  • The best ways to cultivate inner confidence so you can feel happy both WITH and WITHOUT a relationship
  • … and more! (as usual;)

Listen to a replay of the preview call here,

where we talk about just a few of the topics we’ll be going to cover in this awesome workshop!

While this Chick Shack topic is focused on relationships with men, the basic principles can apply to ALL your relationships, because how YOU show up in the world shows up everywhere. Have you heard the saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything?”

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If that isn’t enough, this course ALSO includes:

  • A private discussion forum where you can have questions answered and receive support (and we ALL need support when building moxie!). Support is essential when you are going through change and when you are trying to do things differently (priceless, but most membership sites that don’t even have LIVE calls are $30 a month)
  • Worksheets and activities before and between sessions that you can return to again and again ($19 value)
  • 90-minute training calls where you will receive LIVE and juicy skills to feel more relaxed and confident in your relationships and have you man be happier too.. These calls will be on October 10 and 11, at 5:30 PST (one hour of private coaching with me is $200 which makes this $500 worth of time with me, baby! So this is a great way for you to access coaching at an affordable rate!)
  • Recordings of both sessions for you to access and download, and listen to again and again as much as you like. ($50 value)
  • Have your questions answered LIVE on the training calls (see my 1:1 coaching rates again!)

I am offering the most important topics that I’ve learned at this crazy good price because I am tired of seeing so many of my friends and clients suffer from feeling powerless in relationships and having whether or not they are feeling good about themselves be dependent on what their partners do.

Here’s my personal story that might help you understand why I think this is so important:

I felt that my emotions controlled me in a relationship for a long time. And it sucked. I would be feeling fine one moment, happy as could be, feeling pretty, smart, “blessed” even…then when the slightest shift in my relationship happened (maybe I received a text that wasn’t as warm as other ones, or maybe he didn’t call me back when he said he would)…it could send me into a tailspin, sometimes leading into panic attacks where I had to call my girlfriends just to calm me down (I am forever grateful to ALL of them!).

Then one day, I decided I was over it. SO over it. I was over being this amazing women that could still be so easily thrown by the slightest insecurities in a relationship.I realized that my reactions didn’t make anything easier in relationships either. I got clingy and needy – and BOTH men and women pull away from someone like that…which sent me into this spiral of creating the “proof” for my own insecurities. I watched, and felt (which hurt so much), my partners pulling away when I succumbed to my emotions in an unhealthy way.

I did a LOT of work. I took a ton of workshops, worked with coaches, and read a shit ton of books. And guess what? I figured it out – how to not be a slave to my emotions in a relationship. I finally felt like I could breathe, relax, be myself, and learn to trust in a relationship. It feels truly amazing.

What were the key things I figured out? I learned how to:

  • Be happy whether I was in a relationship or not
  • Understand the male brain and how it works – this was a lifesaver in not taking so many things personally. You’d be amazed at how much this helped my partners feel understood and accepted as well. Which meant they were happier in the relationship!
  • Discern thoughts I make up (the story), from the facts of what happened (our stories are often way worse than what actually happened – really!)
  • Feel my emotions completely, and yet not have them throw me. I am a whole being, after all, and want to experience life fully
  • Be more resilient so that I bounced back from the hard times – whether that was an argument or a breakup
  • Be whole and confident in a relationship, honoring both my needs and those of my partner – and differentiating between the two.
  • Not lose myself in a relationship

But you know what pisses me off? While my coaching clients listened and got great results (I assume because they were paying me to help them!), no matter how much I seem to tell my friends about what I’ve learned, only very few of them listen – and they were usually the ones who finally got to the point of realizing nothing they were doing worked. The others? They want to keep doing this the same way, they want to “be authentic” and “not play games.”

Amigas, men are different from us. Even the sensitive hippie dudes who go to yoga. Men are different.

I am not asking you to play games. I am asking you to learn, understand, and act accordingly. I am asking you to do exactly what you expect men to do for YOU! You don’t expected men to just assume you want to do dude stuff all day. A good partner will listen to you even though to them it seems you are over-processing. You need to process verbally. You are a woman. You want a man who tells you that you are pretty – even though he really wants to mostly talk about how awesome it is that you chopped all that wood with him. You are a woman. Even though you are a badass woman who chops wood like a lumberjack.

When you learn about how a toddler’s brain works, for example, you know what happens? You don’t take their tantrums as personally. You know how to speak to them and what to expect. You stop asking them to do things in ways they can’t understand. In parenting studies, they also found fewer episodes of parents feeling helpless or like they wanted to hurt their child (it’s real!). Understanding and acting accordingly helps women be happier – and better partners.

I want you to be able to understand yourself and your partner more, because ultimately you will show up in a relationship as the truly badass woman you are, and you will feel more relaxed, and in control, and confident – and you get to still be the emotionally whole woman you are.

Your activities and worksheets will be sent out October 8th, and our calls are on October 10th and 11th (5:30 PST). Come join us!

You deserve this. You got this. Let’s go!

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