Freedom Sessions Mastermind

Sorry – Freedom Sessions is now FULL. Read more about this amazing Mastermind Group below, and contact me to be put on the early notification list for the next group – there’s a reason you found us!

What is 2015 going to be about for you? If it’s about:
Doing what it takes to stop making excuses and start creating your dreams, then welcome to the Tribe.


  • freedom
  • adventure
  • and purpose


FREEDOM SESSIONS MASTERMIND is a 9-month journey for 10 badass wild women who will make 2014 their most epic year yet!


womanandbluewallThis is a long-term program because it took a long time for you to develop the stories and patterns that you have, and doing things differently won’t happen overnight. I am just being honest with you right now about that. This program is no magic pill! I want you to show yourself and the Universe that your are ready to play big and take this whole manifesting-your-dreams shizzle seriously.


  • You are willing to let go of your old stories and write new ones that will launch you into the best year yet
  • You believe that true success takes place on all levels of our being: body, mind, and soul and are willing to explore ALL of these levels
  • You are ready to get unstuck and finally do things differently
  • You are feeling like you are {almost} living your fullest potential and need community and support to help figure out what that is, or take action to DO it!
  • You are willing to stretch yourself to grow – in fact, you crave it


  • You enjoy complaining and like to focus on things you have no control over
  • You’re not able to take action and acknowledge {sometimes} hard truths
  • You need a distraction from doing the deep work
  • You won’t be willing to improve your health and wellness habits during the program (we’re a full-stop shop here!)


  • breitenbush3 amazing and game-changing ADVENTURE RETREATS – one in New Mexico, one in the epic adventure state of Alaska, and one in an international location TBA (I love secrets! But there will be beaches involved;). This includes your food and lodging – I know… Awesome, right?!($6000+ VALUE)…There’s a picture of one of the hot springs from a retreat last year! —->
  • integrated HEALTH COACHING for you to get your wellness on ($1200 VALUE)
  • monthly GROUP COACHING calls, ($900 VALUE)
  • PRIVATE COACHING for nine months with Ana, ($4500 VALUE)
  • a monthly BADASS BOOK sent to your home for some epic self-growth (these are books you’ll actually read;), ($150 VALUE)
  • a Freedom Sessions journal and workbook to keep all your written activities, reflections, and worksheets in one place ($150 value)
  • access to the Ultimate Confidence Course – the Ziji Up Mastery Program and all other Freedom Junkie programs (including seasonal cleanses) in 2015  ($600+ VALUE)
  • membership in my Urban Wellness Club ($564 VALUE)
  • the TRIBE of 9 other Soul Sisters, (PRICELESS!)
  • kick-ass guest speakers
  • and more!

Total value: MORE THAN $14,000 in services and products alone, not including the amazing transformation, bonuses, and truly priceless feeling of confidence and self-respect and integrity that comes with following through on your word and achieving your goals.

Total investment? FAR LESS than $14,000. Are you ready?…Contact me to be put on the early notification list for our next group

Life coaching with an experienced coach averages $500 to 800/month, and that is without the pampering inclusive retreats, monthly training calls, books and other Freedom Sessions materials, guest speakers, access to the extra Freedom Junkie offerings in 2015, or our awesome community of support.

By the way, I added all these elements to Freedom Sessions because they exponentially increase your chances of success with achieving your dreams and goals.

If you’re still wondering if all this would be “worth it,” also think about the hidden costs of NOT taking this year to grow like you never have before – the thousands of dollars spent on things that we think we “need,” but are actually just filling a hole in our lives; the hundreds of dollars spent on self-help books we never read (aka “shelf-help” books); hundreds to thousands of dollars invested in programs that don’t work because they haven’t invested the time and energy into creating a program designed with all the elements to support your success; even more spent on counseling and therapy that holds you in the past without taking action; the incalculable cost of not letting go of toxic relationships and unhealthy mindsets

Definitely worth it. You are worth it. This precious life of yours – your gifts and talents that have yet to be shared and manifested to their fullest potential – are worth it.


Did I mention I guarantee all my work? If you attend the retreat and monthly calls and show me that you did the work (because I designed this and I KNOW that if you do the work, you’ll succeed), and you find you aren’t noticing significant shifts, I’ll offer you a money back guarantee within 40 days of the program start (minus only the lodging fees for the first retreat). That’s how much I believe in this program – and you.

If you’d like to read more about what it’s like to work with me, click here to read some testimonials.


An inspiring monthly training call to learn new skills, tips and tricks for creating the life of your dreams and connect as a tribe.

One year’s worth of access to a private online forum Here you can connect with your sistahs for asking questions, giving and receiving support. and sharing hilarious stories or ah-ha moments! You are also welcome to brag openly here and we’ll celebrate you!


You’ll schedule monthly one-on-one time with me February through July. I’ll be asking you the powerful questions, holding space for you to be truly seen and heard, and help you craft meaningful and resonating goals.

This Mastermind is unique – and sets you up for sustained success – by incorporating health coaching into the time you are in the group. You will receive a detailed health history intake and set wellness goals that are totally achievable during this year. You can’t change your life by working on mindset yet continuing to live an unhealthy lifestyle full of stress and poor nutrition, for example. You will cleanse, strengthen, and free your mind, soul, AND body. You’ll feel AMAZING! You can choose to focus on wellness for the Mastermind, or have it as an ongoing process while you work on your biz or another epic goal for 2013. Don’t worry – you’ll be doing it YOUR way. It’s my job to help you figure out what that is;)

You will also receive 60 minutes of urgent coaching time each month —this is especially useful for those “Oh shit, what do I do NOW!” moments that we all have. It is also powerful for when you have a deep Ah-ha and need to share it with me in the moment.


Guest Speakers I’ve got experts lined up in relationship, career, self-love and more to choose from…

Free access to my Ultimate Confidence Course – the Ziji Up! Mastery Program and any upcoming Freedom Junkie workshop or product that I create in 2015. I know I’ll be teaching several health and wellness workshops and coming up with some amazing goodies!

…plus more, but why spoil the surprises?

Whaddya say? Can you come and play?

By applying to Freedom Sessions, you are declaring to the Universe and yourself that you are ready to play big and are serious about actively creating your dreams. Now watch what unfolds;)

I can’t wait to work with you!



P.S. I don’t want you to look back a year from know and find yourself in the same place. Again. I don’t want you to look back and wish you had done this for yourself, but feeling like now it is too late. Make one of the spots on the next round of Freedom Sessions yours;)

P.P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my team at . We’ll do our best to answer you within 24-48 hours!